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SAVE time and money by automating the candidate screening stage.
SIMPLIFY your hiring process and make scheduling conflicts a thing of the past.
ATTRACT the top talent regardless of location.

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What Are Automated Video Interviews?

Automated Video Interviews are an HR recruitment solution that can be implemented in the first phases of screening.

These online interviews, completed by candidates at a differed time, simplify your recruitment process; structured and convenient for both HR professionals and candidates, save time and improve efficiency during your early stages of candidate screening.

Especially during times of COVID-19, Automated Video Interviews help you continue your recruitment efforts while respecting social distancing.

How Do Automated Video Interviews Work?

  1. Recruiter creates an interview, sets the deadline and send invites to candidates by email
  2. Candidates log in and complete the interview when and where it suits before the deadline
  3. Recruiter shares completed video interviews with other recruiters, hiring managers and colleagues (collaborate using tagging, ratings and comments)




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